What Key Am I Singing In?

There are some songs that require a specific key in order to play.

Many times, beginners have trouble learning these songs because they don’t know which key to sing in.

This can be a very frustrating experience. You’re not able to express your vocal range properly, aren’t able to reach the highest note that you desire to hit and wondering what key am I singing in.

If you aren’t sure which key to sing in, read on.

The first thing you should do when you want to figure out which note is the start of the song you’re trying to play is to look at your key signature and chord progression.

Check out the melody of the song by listening to it. What key am I singing in for given vocal range?

There are some songs that will start in a certain note like lowest note vs highest note,minor key vs major key,scales of the songs like minor scale,major scale,male voice or female voice. Most often, the key is found right after the second note.

Now that you know which note is the start of the song, listen to it again.

Where would you find the beginning of the melody in the song if you didn’t know which note it was?

Your ear is the best tool you have for finding out where something is.

Play the song back to check out where the notes are and determine which key or notes to play in that key.

Using your ear, you’ll likely find the note that makes it easiest to sing. In most cases, this note is the first note you recognize in the melody.

Next, do a search on YouTube for a YouTube video of a singer singing in different keys.

Find one with a great melody that uses all of the keys in the song.

Watch how they move their lips and how their voice sounds when singing.

Notice how each singer sings in a specific key and note.

This tip comes from self-teaching by a famous alto vocalist, Louise Clunzel.

She was known for being extremely good at singing in various range.

From her recordings at the Old Mill Inn, Clunzel’s voice can be heard easily on any number of recordings from classic Christmas carols to contemporary ones.

With practice, anyone can become a competent alto vocalist.

Perhaps the most important question you need to ask yourself when learning to sing is what is my singing voice type?

Chances are, you already know the answer to this.

However, some singers may not be very comfortable with singing in a low, high, or mixed range.

If you are singing in the key of A, your voice will typically have three clefs – bass clef, treble clef, and bass clef.

There are some songs wherein the singer can play only the bass clef.

The melody will be held in this clef, while the other clefs are not necessary.

The melody is held in a different key than the key, where the song is performed.

In order for you to find out what key your song is in, start singing along with the song in your best range.

Then, start playing the song in the same key as it is in your vocal range.

After a few notes, check your notes.

You will know right away which key the song is held in.

Once you know which key the song is in, you will be able to easily figure out what key you will be singing in when you go to teach yourself to sing better.

The key signatures of notes that are commonly used in Western music.

Key signatures can also be used in Eastern music.

The piano has a series of keys that can be found on a piano keyboard.

These particular keys make up a particular key signature.

Every singer will be able to determine their own personal key signature.

The theory behind these keys is the easier it is for a singer to hear themselves when they are singing.

Because of how many flats and sharps there are in each key, it makes the voice sound fuller and more melodic.

On the other hand, if you are singing in a key with more sharp edges, it makes the voice sound thin.

It’s all relative to the way a song is sung, so you have to experiment a bit with which keys work for you depending on the song.

Not all instrumental and hip-hop songs will require you to know your key signatures.

Sometimes a songwriter will use the same notes but change the key.

For instance in a rap song, the singer may sing in the key of A while the beat is at Bb. This is known as “bebbing”.

Vocal ranges can also be found in jazz, blues, rock and many other genres of music.

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