Meet Our Team

We started Toy & Hobby Love to inform and help people discover various hobbies and toys.

Mike Gallan

Mike is our chief editor and content publisher. He has managed various publications,websites and personal blogs.

He bring his vast knowledge and years of experience to Toy & Hobby Love, nothing gets posted on the website with out his approval.

He is an avid cyclist,gardener,pickleball player,guitar player,RC enthusiast and baker.

Melanie Day

Melanie is our chief marketing officer, she is responsible for building out our marketing channels.

She has been mentioned in various publications through out her marketing career and is a valuable member of our team.

She is an avid swimmer, golfer,knitter,hiker,camper,kayaker and overall an outdoorsy person.

Venkat Kara

Venkat is our tech genius, he is responsible for setting our site architecture.

He has been working various fortune 500 companies as an IT consultant.

He is a self declared tech nerd with interest in 3D printing, tech gadgets, electronics, drones and software.

Our Frequent Field Experts & Contributors

Angela singing

Angela Ruffalo is our top contributor when it comes to anything singing and piano related niche.

She resides in Atlanta and has been a vocal coach for over a decade.

Her goal is to help people understand the fundamentals of singing, maintaining their vocals and overall enjoy singing!

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