What To Eat Before Singing?!

One of the most important tips for singers to follow before singing is what to eat before singing.

A strong and healthy voice is needed to be able to sing well.

To prevent illnesses like flu and colds in singers, they need to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and vegetables are recommended as these provide a lot of vitamins and minerals to our body.

Citrus fruits are a good choice as these contain water, amino acids, protein and essential oils that are needed by the body.

It has been found that water is very essential as it hydrates the muscles in the throat and keeps them hydrated so that they do not feel exhausted when singing.

Orange juice, caffeinated or not, is recommended to drink as it hydrates the throat.

Caffeine is not to be drunk in large quantities as it can make you excrete more mucus while you are singing which can affect your performance.

You should drink about eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day.

Other beverages that you can drink are green tea, sports drinks, and fruit juices. Sweetened water is not a good option if you want to keep your voice in top condition.

The types of foods that a singer should consume depend on their vocal health.

If you suffer from colds and flu, then a healthy diet is essential to maintain good vocal health.

A healthy diet should include fruits and vegetables, cereals, whole grain breads and pastas, fish and other seafood, milk, and green leafy vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables help the body to produce vitamin’s A, B, C and E which help strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, and supply nutrients to the body.

Whole grains breads and pasta are rich in carbohydrates that can be converted into glucose which is an energy source useful for the body.

Vegetables and whole grains should also be added to the diet as they have great contributions to your nutrition.

Anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger, garlic, and Rosemary have excellent anti-inflammatory properties which help you avoid vocal cord injuries.

You can add one or two tablespoons of ginger or Rosemary powder to boiling water and drink this mix before singing.

If you like, you can add chopped pieces of apple, lemon or lime to the mixture to enhance its anti-inflammatory effect.

Cold water with warm milk can also be very beneficial for the vocal cords.

The warm milk helps to promote relaxation of your throat muscles which helps the vocal cords to stay relaxed and free from obstruction.

When your vocal cords are relaxed, it will be easier for you to produce clear and strong sound.

You can drink a glass of warm water with warm milk and eat crackers or toast, or eat a bowl of popcorn with this drink.

Popcorn is considered to be a good alternative to salt.

Dairy products and dairy food products such as yoghurt, cottage cheese, ice cream and butter help to reduce excess mucus secretion by the digestive system which causes vibrating sounds in your throat.

You can also consume wheatgerm and barley bread, which are rich in calcium.

Wheatgerm and barley bread consist of lots of vitamins, minerals and iron. These vitamins, minerals and iron have their own action in the body that cannot be replaced by any other supplements.

Before singing in the morning, you must ensure that you take an essential dietary supplement to fight any vocal strain and exhaustion before going to bed.

The supplement must consist of calcium, magnesium and zinc. Calcium and zinc are effective in eliminating excess mucus secretion which causes vocal strain in your throat.

You can consume green leafy vegetables every night before singing to prevent any vocal fatigue and strain.

Vitamins C and E are also effective in eliminating excess mucus production in the body, but you must ensure that you take a multi-vitamin supplement before going to bed to make sure that your body is adequately supplied with nutrients for the night.

You can also consume citrus fruits, grapefruit and oranges in order to eliminate excess mucus from the throat.

However, if you feel that your throat is feeling dry, you can add yoghurt or coconut milk in your tea or juice.

You can also include yogurt and milk in your diet plan because they contain lactic acid which aids in dilating the veins in the throat.

Milk and yogurt act as a good conditioner for irritated vocal cords.

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