8 Best Online Singing Lessons: How To Find The Right One For You

You’re here because you want to find out the right online singing lesson for you!

If you want to learn how to sing, but don’t have the time or money for in-person private lessons, then online singing lessons are perfect for you.

But not everyone learns the same way, everyone is at different levels and needs to be affordable.

So I decided to skip writing another generic article about best singing lessons online. Instead I want to recommend them based on your requirement.

 If you want a quick brief recommendations of the courses refer to the table below, for detailed breakdown scroll down.

The vocalist studio online course for singing vocal classes for all ages

  • Interactive & Recorded Sesssions

  • Great Support & Community

  • All Genre

  • 1-on-1 Sessions

The vocalist studio online course for singing vocal classes for all ages

Best For Serious Singers

30 days singer is  online course for singing vocal classes

  • Interactive & Recorded Sesssions

  • Great Support & Community

  • All Genre

  • 1-on-1 Sessions

30 days singer is  online course for singing vocal classes

Overll Best

The  singorama 2.0 is online course for singing vocal classes

  • Interactive & Recorded Sesssions

  • Guide & Tutorials

  • Limited Support

  • Specific Genre

  •  1-on-1 Sessions

The  singorama 2.0 is online course for singing vocal classes

Best Price

Artist works is the  online course for singing vocal classes

  • Interactive & Recorded Sesssions

  • Great support

  • Limited Support

  • Instruments Included

  • Limited Genre

Artist works is the  online course for singing vocal classes


The music industry is not the same all over the world.

That’s why it’s necessary to know your options and research professional teachers reviews before you make a decision.

And what about singing online? That can be tricky, because you need to justify whether online singing classes are even effective over the internet, how they works, what are the differences between in-person private singing lessons and online singing lessons.

That’s where we’re here to help,we’ll help you figure out this if taking online singing classes is right for you or not.

We rate these programs based on following factors:

  • Course structure and ease of use
  • Reputation of the program/course creator
  • Value of the courses
  • Support and feedback

 #1 30-day singer program

30 day singer online singing lessons

Course structure and ease of use

I want to be very clear with this program, if you’re a beginner with no experience, it will not make you a good singer in 30 days! 

30-day singer is focused on providing a frame work and baseline to set you off on your singing journey.

The frame work sessions focuses on vocal range,vocal workouts, learn scales and rhythms, and move on to more advanced techniques such as adding vibrato,perfecting your pitch,intonation and smoothing out vocal breaks.

Over all, it has the best course structure, value and an ideal fit for someone who is a beginner singer and intermediate singers who want to work on specific advanced skill. 

The program is designed to offer step by step guide video tutorials in a specific order to help you transition seamlessly from one skill level to another. Or you get the complete guide all at once if you feel like exploring on your own.

30 day singer vocal coaching classes

They focus on various singing fundamentals such as specialized vocal technique lessons, vocal warm-ups, advanced courses with various instruments, vocal performance tips, and many more.

Reputation of the program/course creator

You get to choose and experiment with various professional singers coaching styles and methods. Some of such elites include Jon Statham, Jonathan Estabrooks, Camille van Niekerk, and Reagan James. 

Moreover, when you also get a chance to schedule and work one-on-one private voice lessons.

Value of course

As far as the value of 30-day singer program, you get to choose monthly or annual subscription with no contractual obligations (monthly). 

Plus they also give you a 14 day trail for you to check it out, which I think is a good deal.

30 day singer program 14 day free trail

Also, like mentioned above you also have the option to book a private voice lessons with your singing teacher of choice.

The folks who created this program are also behind guitar lessons, so you get an option to mix in advanced techniques for your voice training with music lessons based on your singing methods and singing abilities.

The program also briefly covers different genres like country, R&B, classical singing and various celebrity vocal styles, which can be fun and useful for skilled singers who’s already gone through the fundamentals. 

Support and feedback

With thousands of satisfied students and reviews all across the internet, it does help out their case with it comes to feedback. 

However that wasn’t what I meant by feedback, as a student you need to learn and get feedback from instructors about your goals and progress from your voice teachers.

30 Day Singer program offers an online forum,facebook group and customer support email to help students get feedback.

 Once again there is the extra paid option of scheduling private sessions with the vocal coaches.

Who is 30-Day Singer Program for?

It’s ideal for beginners to intermediate singers who want to setup a strong foundation and improve their overall singing skills.

#2 The Vocalist Studio – The Four Pillars Of Singing

Course structure and ease of use

 Meticulous, technical and enthusiastic is the best way to describe Robert Lunte’s The Vocalist Studio. 

The course is structured with learning and improvement in mind. They’ve got 5 stages of skill improvement and 13 modules of pre-recorded online videos that you can learn at your own pace.

However Robert recommends that once you start the course, you maintain the stead pace of 4-6 classes a week to develop your own singing method.

Each session lasts somewhere between 45 minutes to 90 minutes, after each session you will be quizzed and asked to take notes to track your progress.

Robert start off with debunking all the singing myths, correcting common bad habit and setting a strong foundation to set off your singing journey.

Then transitions on to fundamentals based on your voice type,experience in singing,breath control,vocal fatigue,vocal abilities and core singing skills.

Reputation of the program/course creator

Robert Lunte is a experienced singer,vocal coach and author of the book,”The Four Pillars of Singing” where he discusses the method that his online singing program is based on. 

His program is recognized by various vocal foundations shown below:

the vocalist studio online singing program recognitions

Along with Robert’s courses, he offers the program with various different amazing singers who provide vocal coaching and singing method in their native languages.

Here is also well know in the singing community and has helped over 100,000 students in 192 countries.

The course has good reviews from thousands of satisfied students, so definitely carries it weight when it comes to online singing classes.

Value of the course

 Robert has multiple complete guide with lifetime access, however the most popular bundle he offers is $329 (includes his belting in the head voice the four pillars of singing). I recommend both but you can also opt for just the four pillars of singing for $199.

You can also pay for for private singing lessons with Robert or any of the vocal coaching singers.

They walk you through your breathing technique, pitch training, vocal workouts, vocal control,voice range and vocal folds depending on your level of experience.

Support and feedback

 This is where Robert Lunte’s The Vocalist Studio outshines all other online singing academy and online voice teachers.

You will be provided access to their private forum,Facebook group, app and one step unlimited access to their students.

Apart from the access, Robert himself is very active in the forum and that gives you direct access to the master himself.

Who Should Consider Purchasing The Four Pillars?

 I would recommend vocal studio to everyone, from beginners to experts. As a beginner, you will be introduced to proper fundamentals, as an intermediate you will get a chance to correct your bad habits and hone your core singing skills and as an expert you will definitely pick up a few nuggets.

#3 Singorama 2.0

Course structure and ease of use

singorama 2.0 online singing course

 The course itself is packed to the brim with lots of learning materials with unlimited access. 

You get 28 audio lessons, pdf workbook and ear training and recording software for tone recognition.

Once you get access to lessons You really need to pace yourself to get through it and not feel the burn out.

The classes for singing starts off with bit of singing history and then leads on to the outline of your singing journey to become an amazing singer.

It transitions into step by step guide to fundamentals from proper form, stance, diaphragmatic breathing and voice range.

Reputation of the program/course creator

Singorama vocal coaching has been around for a while now and has been featured on few day time shows.

It is the brain child of Melanie Alexander, an Australian singer who is famous for her double platinum albums and various successful hits.

After its initial success, Singorama 2.0 was created from the feedback from all the students along with various upgrades,vocal folds,vocal cords control,vocal coaching,voice range and bonuses.

Value of the course

This is one of the reason Singorama 2.0 is on the board for most affordable price and also competitive price compared all the lifetime access online music lessons.

Regular course price is around $297, but with existing season discount you can get it for $97. However we can provide you with discount code (click below) that drops the price down to $67.

You also get a 90 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Support and feedback

This is where Singorama 2.0 takes a hit. Although they have great value at course and price point their support and feedback is almost boiled down to simple email.

Who is Singorama 2.0 for?

This singing course is definitely for self paced, independent singers who want to discover their confident singing voice at an affordable price point.

#4 Live Interactive Online Music Classes/Programs

This is not a single course but rather series of courses you can pick and choose based on your requirements.

They are singing lessons online that are hosted by various vocal coaches across various platforms and singing academy.

The reason I recommend them is based solely on your requirements, some of you want to get better at singing while playing an instrument, contemporary singing, classical technique, emulate famous singers or just want to have a customized experience.

Here are few of my recommendations based on course variety, price and reviews:

4.1 Artistworks Vocal School

artistworks online singing classes and music academy

Artistworks vocal school was created by Jeannie Deva. She is well know among the artists community and was part of Grammy committee.

Artistworks is a good online singing and music program, it offers everything from basic foundational exercises such as breathing techniques, vocal warm ups, singing skills for beginners and advanced students such as melody,harmony,pitch,notes,performance improvement and choosing right equipment.

The Artistworks vocal school covers wide range of singing types whether you’re trying to learn classical music or contemporary commercial music.

One thing that really sets Artistworks vocal school apart from the online singing courses we recommend is the fact that they have really good feedback and support system!

When you purchase the Artistworks vocal school you get access to all the singing lessons and music theories. Archived copies of Ms.Deva’s advice to her students request.

You also get to record yourself and upload it onto Artistworks vocal school platform to get feedback from the instructor’s.That is correct, you’re getting access to the instructors who are I’m sure brilliant and expert singers.

Who Should Buy This Artistworks Course?

artistworks voice courses

If you would like to get yourself Artistworks Vocal School then its highly affordable, get 20% off most 3, 6, or 12 month plan at ArtistWorks. Use code: KEEP20

4.2 TakeLesson’s Live Singing Classes:

  As the name suggests, you are taking live lessons with a vocal coach and getting direct feedback that very instance.

The session are fast tracked for you to learn quicker and reflect progress on the fly. Along with live session you will also be provided with recorded session for on-demand access.

You will also be provided with various session materials and homework for you to practice at your own pace.

 Best of all, not just live support but you also will be able interact with students in your session for a collaborative learning.

Overall, these live online classes are focused towards singers who want to learn at their own and wants specific aspects of their singing skills improved or tweaked upon.

4.3 SkillShare’s singing courses

 SkillShare is an online learning community that is designed towards helping people take their first step into their creative side.

There are plenty of vocal coaches and singing lessons available, some of them are free online singing lessons and some fall under their premium paid classes.

There are quite few vocal coaches/teaches that provide great value and tips. However, most of their classes are brief and to the point.

Advantage of their paid membership is you get access to all of them, including their music lessons with various different instruments,mixing,producing,online audio setup,audio engineering etc..

4.4 Yousician Singing Online Music lessons

yousician online singing lessons classes

    Yousician is what I would define an interactive and modern day singing lessons. It’s an app based step by step approach to learning to sing with online classes.

 The idea behind yousician singing is to have a sort of video game feel and to make learning fun. 

Yousician singing classes are structured with basic foundational voice techniques such as vocal warm ups, breathing, tone control, form, pitch and melody.

Who Should Purchase Yousician Singing?

Their app is completely customizable with audio engineering based on your singing level and confidence. Their do provide a trail period and after that is a monthly payment and not lifetime access.

#5 Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass

Course structure and ease of use

christina aguilera online masterclass

 Christina Aguilera’s course is a series of online singing lessons with 24 videos, pdf workbooks and homeworks. The classes for singing are segmented into introduction, vocal exercises and warm ups, vocal and voice techniques, breakdown of her famous hit songs, industry knowledge and career as a professional singer.

The lessons are structures and available immediately. They are easy to follow with step-by-step guide, fast paced, online and sing along type.

Reputation of the program/course creator

 Obviously from New York (state) to Los Angeles Christina Aguilera’s reputation as a famous and experienced singer is well know. But the question one needs to ask is – how good of a vocal coach and instructor is she?

She is actually pretty good at that as well! she shares her personal experiences,hearing exercises, warm ups and vocal exercises. 

Plus MasterClass puts in quality and structured classes with thousands of satisfied users.

Value of the course

MasterClass runs around $180/year and you get access to all the masterclasses including Christina Aguilera’s masterclass.

Along with that you get access to Usher’s masterclass, Carlos Santanas Guitar masterclass,Timbalands online music lessons etc.

The course however gives you 30 day money back guarantee and it doesn’t provide a lifetime access.

Support and feedback

As far as support and feedback, this is the closest you can get to scoring a private singing lesson with Christina Aguilera.

They have a chat setup forum style with other students that you can interact with each and solve each others problems.

Who is Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass for?

This is definitely a hard questions to answer, with my experience Christina Aguilera’s masterclass contains good nuggets from every one from beginners to professional singers. 

With some decent level nuggets are where it stops with singing training and education, if you want to learn and continue honing your confident singing voice, singing method and developing your beautiful singing voice you’ll need to opt for more in-depth online voice lessons with better feedback and rapport.

#6 Roger Love’s Singing Academy For Online Voice Lessons

Course structure and ease of use

roger love singing academy

With Roger Love’s Singing Academy,when you enroll in the first course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about singing.

As you progress through the Academy, you’ll get introduced to more complex techniques that can help develop your vocals further. 

Roger wants to give people the chance to become great singers and he knows that practice makes perfect.

Roger Love’s Singing Academy coaches people of all skill levels how to sing – start with basics to beginners (35 videos) then intermediate(70 videos) and to be expert classes (100 videos).

Its self paced and once you clear each package you can pay more to upgrade.

Reputation of the program/course creator

Roger Love is a well known voice coach who has worked with some of the world famous singers, before launching his 14 weeks singing academy.

With many satisfied customer and singers, Roger Love’s technique seems to be efficient in finding your beautiful singing voice.

 Value of the course

Roger Love Singing Academy costs around $197 for basic, $297 for intermediate package and $497 for the all inclusive package.

Support and feedback

Roger’s online singing course do have a really good feedback and support with various vocal coaches that help you out with any issues with your online audio issues.

You also get some online audio supports from Roger’s online singing course.

Who is Roger Love’s Singing Academy for?

Roger Love Singing Academy is for any one who wants to get better at singing. I know it sounds generic and cookie cutter response.

I personally would recommend Robert Lunte’s The Vocalist Studio instead which gives you same perks at lower cost.

#7 Best Free Online Singing Lessons

There are plenty of online singing teachers and vocal coaches who offer free online singing lessons. 

If you’re a beginner with no singing background I wouldn’t recommend using there free online singing lessons because you need structure, constant feedback to correct bad habits and proper foundation.

Plenty of them tend to provide basic videos and ask you to buy their course. However there are some that actual provide true value and tips to improve your singing. 

I’ve put together a list of YouTube channels that focus on teaching people singing lessons and skills.



Why should you buy online singing lessons?

Do you want to know how to sing? It’s never too late!

Online singing lessons for beginners are an excellent way to improve your vocal skills,vocal range,ear training,singing skills,singing methods and become a better singer in your singing career.

Singers of all skill levels, vocal range and styles can benefit from online singing lessons.

Whether you’re a complete beginners, intermediate singer/vocalist, or even an experienced advanced singers /vocalist, there are some great online courses out there that offer singing lessons to suit your needs. 

 You can find a wide range of online lessons and instructors who are professional singers on the internet that will teach you everything from basic exercises such as vocal warm ups, vocal lessons to advanced vocal technique and vocal performances.

In this article we will take a look at the best online voice lessons and online classes for singers and breakdown of these singing courses.

So what qualifies as the best online singing lessons?

 There are many reasons why these online lessons can be so helpful: they’re affordable, convenient and effective.

Best part is that you don’t need any experience or equipment – just a computer, internet connection and a microphone!

In the article we have provided the factors I recommended the above online singing courses and vocal teachers/coaches. Let us break them down and go more into details:

Course structure and ease of use:
  • We live in the world where average attention span of a regular person is narrowed to few seconds.
  • It is crucial an online singing classes should be compact and effective. They need to be step-by-step process, so the students are not “stuck” at any point of the course/program.
  • It should not be lots monotone videos with no interactions, lots of literature and most importantly not take fun out of learning.
  • The course needs to have goals or milestones for students to reach so they can have small wins and a moral boost to move onto tougher parts.
  • The courses need to be easily accessible and widely available via table computer,smartphone.
Reputation of the program/course creator:
  • More experience the coach/teacher in singing the better experience you will have learning because they already are aware of the pitfalls students face at various levels.
  • Reputation and reviews of the singing lessons online is crucial, so you can understand if they suite your needs.
  • Also it is important peak your curiosity.
Value of the course
  • Is the singing course worth the money and effort. The course needs to be affordable and needs to provide lifetime value for the price.
  • The course needs to also provide versatility and need to match you needs like piano lessons.
  • Apart from monetary and materials the course need to give milestones for next steps of students singing process and journey.
Support and feedback
  • With out proper support system, your singing lessons are simply wasted efforts. While learning anything you need your mistakes corrected and given constant feedback with the information you provide.
  • Proper support keeps your motivation high and push harder.
  • Plenty of singing classes have online forums on their website,facebook groups and apps with other students to ask questions about. One needs to make sure these necessities are provided by them.
  • Also there are plenty of singing classes and vocal coaches that do 1-on-1 private singing classes via zoom or skype based on your comfort. 
  • If not live support some course provide you with platforms where you upload you recorded videos to get feedback on your process.
  • If you’re going for auditions then a good support group will help you prepare for it. Also help you with employment in the field.


Can I learn Singing Online?

 Absolutely! like any skill, learning to sing is a step by step process. Online singing lessons are structure for one to learn, practice and enjoy the process. Like traditional classroom settings, virtual learning environment can always do test (assessment),

Are online lessons worth it?

Yes, mainly because of the convenience and ease of use. You can sing and perform as an intimate activity, focus on the lesson than worry about logistics.

Why Find a Talented Vocal Teacher?

Because of pedagogy,education,training, experience,acceptance of the vocal teacher. Just like learning new skills you need somebody who has been there and done that. A talented vocal teacher will help you achieve your beautiful singing voice with out the pitfalls and hurdles.

How can I improve my singing voice at home?

Practice, feedback and proper equipment. With out proper equipment your skill will be stalled at certain level, you will need good microphone, recording equipment(phone, computer) and audio software. Record you progress and share it with your instructors or voice coach, get their feedback and improve your singing voice at home.

Which app is best for online singing classes?

There are lots of app for online singing classes, but at the end of the day it depends on the your process and what your vocal coach wants you to use. Some coaches and instructors use public apps like Zoom, Skype or video calls. Some online courses mentioned above use their own app available for their students.

Is Zoom good for singing lessons?

 As far as you have good internet connection, Zoom seems to be good form platform for singing lessons. Some vocal coaches and instructors have their own platforms for customized experience.

How much do online singing lessons cost?

Depends on their business process, if you’re opting for online singing lessons mentioned in this article then it’ll start around $67 – $497. However, those prices don’t include private singing lesson. They cost somewhere between $50/hr – $250/hr depending on the voice coaches.

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